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Nearby castles and their Heroes

The castle of the name of ironfist made a mod for Heroes II.
Its first release was in August 2013. (if you have a non-english game, your game will be translated to English.)

The castle of Erathia Heroes III: Succession Wars made the Succession Wars mod for Heroes III.

~ Forums of Enroth ~ is the multilingual forum about Heroes II, if you are not a member yet, get in!

Archangel Castle and Heroes of its forum and of its chat (irc).

Youtube: Heroes of Might and Magic II

If you know a website having a link to homm2.free.fr,
or a website about Heroes of might and magic II,
please notice me, I will add it in this page.

Special Thanks

Thanks to Heroes whom visited our land since April 9th 2007.
Counter add 1 for each different person (different IP) by day.

Thanks to all of you who sent me an email for encourage me, for noticing me a bug,...

Merci aux membres d'Archangel Castle qui m'ont filé un coup de main au début (source) :
cannonball, SimonaK, melianos, Hydre, et aux autres qui étaient sur le topic qui a disparut. :s

Thanks to Zenithale, The Archilich of Kadasman, Avel & Sid for constructions trees.

Thanks to Kastore for names of some storyline heroes.

Thanks to Morrock, bobaxx, melianos, JJJ, Irksome Dragon, wilfrey & Choca
for their participation to the discussion of the French patch PoL_v2.2e on ArchangelCastle's forums.
Thanks to Choca pour ses vidéos.

Thanks to 찡슈 (jjingxu) for the korean translations, and her help on some images.

Thanks to Top Hat Child for the spanish translations.

Thanks to Dimantchick : Russian Maps & Russian Heroes2w.exe

Thanks to Ralfs Balodis for english corrections.

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