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Heroes III: Succession Wars

Presentation of H3SW

Version 0.8 is under development, and will be out when everything will be fine.
    How to install: (for long version, see here)
  1. Install SoD (Shadow of Death) or H3 Complete
  2. Install ERA
  3. Download H3SW Early beta
  4. In \Mods unzip 1 H2 Succession Wars (do not rename it)
  5. In \Tools\Mod Manager open modsmann.exe and keep in Enabled list:
    1°: 1 H2 Succession Wars,
    2°: In the Wake of Gods
  6. h3era.exe ; New game, Single player, Options button: in Custom Scripts make sure Necessary Succession Wars Mod Script is checked.
  7. Get Morale and XP!

  8. Heretic castle is bugged, don't pick it! (Disabled for computers)
by GodRage, on 2017/04/27
Heroes III: Succession Wars

  • H3SW: 2013 Early Beta (ERA portable), on January 8, 2013
H3SW: 2013 Early Beta (ERA portable)

Official Screenshots beta 0.8

beta ver.