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Faerie Ring

Upon entering the mystical faerie ring, your army gains luck for its next battle.
Faerie ring visited gives +1 Luck.

Magic Garden

You catch a leprechaun foolishly sleeping amidst a cluster of magic mushrooms. In exchange for his freedom, he guides you to a small pot filled with precious things.
You will get 5 gems or 500 gold, only once a week..

Lean To

You've found a an abandoned lean-to. Poking about, you discover some resources hidden nearby.
Later: The lean-to is long abandoned. There is nothing of value here.


You enter the arena and face a pack of vicious lions. You handily defeat them, to the wild cheers of the crowd. Impressed by your skill, the aged trainer of gladiators agrees to train you in a skill of your choice.
Attack, Defense or Pell Power +1, once by Hero.
Si vous avez déjà visité une Arène : The Arena guards turn you away.

Tree of Knowledge

Upon your approach, the tree opens its eyes in delight. "Ahh, an adventurer! Allow me to teach you a little of what I have learned over the ages."
Second visit: Upon your approach, the tree opens its eyes in delight. "It is good to see you, my student. I hope my teachings have helped you."


There is three categories of artifacts: weak ones that we can find in some chests ; minor artifacts ; and majors artifacts. Price and eventual guardians and conditions to get it are defined when you start your game.

Barrières & Traveller's Tent

Barrier:A magical *color* barrier stands tall before you, blocking your way. Runes on the arch read, "Speak the key and you may pass." and then:As you speak the magic word, the glowing barrier dissolves into nothingness. or You speak, and nothing happens.
Tent: You enter the tent and see an old woman gazing into a magic gem. She looks up and says, "In my travels, I have learned much in the way of arcane magic. A great oracle taught me his skill. I have the answer you seek. The green keyword is 'Meteor'."


An old Knight appears on the steps of the gazebo. "My liege, I will teach you all that I know to aid you in your travels."
+1000 exp

Witch's Hut

An ancient and immortal witch living in a hut with bird's legs for stilts teaches you Archery for her own inscrutable purposes.
You will learn a skill.

Witch Doctor's Hut

An Orcish witch doctor living in the hut deepens your knowledge of magic by showing you how to cast stones, read portents, and decipher the intricacies of chicken entrails.
Knowledge +1

Mercenary Camp

You've come upon a mercenary camp practicing their tactics. The mercenaries welcome you and your troops and invite you to train with them.
Attack Skill +1. Next visit: You've come upon a mercenary camp practicing their tactics. "You're too advanced for us," the mercenary captain says. "We can teach you nothing more."


You come accross an old wagon left by a trader who didn't quite make it to safe terrain. Searching inside, you find the '*artifact*'
Later: You come accross an old wagon left by a trader who didn't quite make it to safe terrain. Unfortunately, others have found it first, and the wagon is empty.


You tentatively approach the burial ground of ancient warriors. Do you want to search the graves?
Upon defeating the zombies you search the graves and find something!

City of the Dead

You've found the ruins of an ancient city, now inhabited solely by the undead. Will you search?
After won battle: Some of the surviving Liches are impressed by your victory over their fellows, and offer to join you for a price. Do you want to recruit Liches?

Dragon City

You stand before the Dragon City, a place off-limits to mere humands. Do you wish to violate this rule and challenge the Dragons to a fight?
After won battle versus 5 dragons:Having defeated the Dragon champions, the city's leaders agree to supply some Dragons to your army for a price. Do you wish to recruit Dragons?
You can now recruit Red dragons.

Treasure chest

After scouring the area, you fall upon a hidden treasure cache. You may take the gold or distribute the gold to the peasants for experience. Do you wish to keep the gold?

Sea Chest

After spending hours trying to fish the chest out of the sea, you open it and find 1500 gold pieces.
You can get gold or an artifact inside, and sometimes nothing inside.

Trading Post

Please inspect our fine wares. If you feel like offering a trade, click on the items you wish to trade with and for.

Standing Stones

You've found a group of Druids worshipping at one of their strange stone edifices. Silently, they teach you new ways to cast spells.
Spell Power +1


As you approach the stables, the head groom appears, leading a fine looking war horse. "This steed will help speed you in your travels. Alas, his endurance will wane with a lot of heavy riding, and you must return for a fresh mount in a week. We also have many fine war horses which could benefit mounted soldiers, but you have none we can help."
Will then upgrade your cavalries.


Ransacking an enemy camp, you discover a hidden cache of treasures.

Freeman's Foundry

A blacksmith working at the foundry offers to convert all Pikemen and Swordsmen's weapons brought to him from iron to steel. He also says that he knows a process that will convert iron Golems into Steel Golems. Unoftunately, you have none of these troops in your army, so he can't help you.


As you drink the sweet water, you gain luck for your next battle.
Fountain visited gives +1 Luck


The soldiers living in the fort teach you a few new defensive tricks.

Hill Fort

An unusual alliance of Orcs, Ogres, and Dwarves offer to train (upgrade) any such troops brought to them. Unfortunately, you have none with you.
If you have some: All of the *creature* you have in your army have been trained by the battle masters of the fort. Your army now contains *upgraded creature*.


In a dazzling display of daring, you break into the local jail and free the hero imprisoned there, who, in return, pledges loyalty to your cause.

Daemon Cave

The entrance to the cave is dark, and a foul, sulfurous smell issues from the cave mouth. Will you enter?
Yes: You find a powerful and grotesque Demon in the cave, "Today," it rasps, "you will fight and surely die. But I will give you a choice of deaths? You may fight me, or you may fight my servants? Do you prefer to fight my servants?"
No: The Demon screams its challenge and attacks! After a short, desperate battle, you slay the monster and receive 1,000 experience points.
Yes, and after won battle: Defeating the daemon's servants, you find a hidden cache with 2500 gold.
Later: Except for evidence of a terrible battle, the cave is empty.


There is 6 differents types of Heroes in Heroes2. Ironfist and H3SW added factions and so, types of Heroes.

Hut of the Magi & Eye of the magi

Hut of the Magi: You enter a rickety hut and talk to the magician who lives there. He tells you of places near and far which may aid you in your journeys.
Eye of the Magi: This eye seems to be intently studying its surroundings.


You've found an ancient and weathered stone idol. Kissing it is supposed to be luck, so you do. The stone is very cold to the touch.

Stone Liths

Stone Liths are connected to others Stone Liths of the same type. Using one will then teleport you to another one.


The keeper of the mill announces: "Milord, I have been working very hard to provide you with these resources, come back next week for more."
+2 resources


A drink at the oasis fills your troops with strength and lifts their spirits. You can travel a bit further today.
Moral +1, + some movement points.


Nestled among the trees sits a blind seer. After explaining the intent of your journey, the seer activates his crystal ball, allowing you to see the strengths and weaknesses of your opponents.

Watering Hole

A drink at the watering hole fills your troops with strength and lifts their spirits. You can travel a bit further today.+1 Moral + some movement points.


Various texts can be written on this kind of pannel.

Artesian Spring

A drink at the spring is supposed to give you twice your normal spell points, but you are already at that level.

Magic Well

Magic Well


You come upon the pyramid of a great and ancient king. You are tempted to search it for treasure, but all the old stories warn of fearful curses and undead guardians? Will you search?
After won battle: Upon defeating the mosnters, you decipher an ancient glyph on the wall, telling the secret of the spell ~ 'Summon Air Elemental'.
Later: You come upon the pyramid of a great and ancient King. Routine exploration reveals that the pyramid is completely empty. and get some negative luck.


You find a small quantity of 'resources'.

Water Wheel

The keeper of the mill announces: "Milord, I have been working very hard to provide you with this gold; come back next week tor more."
+500 gold

Shrine of the First Circle

You come across a small shrine attended by a group of novice acolytes. In exchange for your protection, they agree to teach you a simple spell ~ 'View Mines'.

Shrine of the 2nd Circle

You come across an ornate shrine attended by a group of rotund friars. In exchange for your protection, they agree to teach you a spell ~ 'Dragon Slayer'.

Shrine of the Third Circle

You come across a lavish shrine attended by a group of high priests. In exchange for your protection, they agree to teach you a sophisticated spell ~ 'Mass Dispel'.


"I have a riddle for you," the Sphinx says. "Answer correctly, and you shall be rewarded. Answer incorrectly, and you shall be eaten. Do you accept the challende?"
If you answer wrong: "You gessed incorrectly," the Sphinx says, smiling. The Sphinx swipes at you with a paw, knocking you to the ground. Another blow makes the world go black, and you know no more.
If you answer right: Looking somewhat disappointed, the Sphinx sighs. You've answered my riddle so her's your reward. Now begone.
Later: You come across a giant Sphinx. The Sphinx remains strangely quiet.


You come upon the remains of an unfortunate adventurer. Searching through the tattered clothing, you find *artifact*


A visit and a prayer at the temple raises the morale of your troops.
Temple visited gives +2 Morale

Alchemist's Tower

You hear a voice from high above in the tower, "Go away! I can't help you!"
Hexed items can be destroyed for a price.

Observation Tower

From the observation tower, you are able to see distant lands.


You come upon an obelisk made from a type of stone you have never seen before. Staring at it intensely, the smooth surface suddenly changes to an inscription. The inscription is a piece of a lost ancient map. Quickly you copy down the piece and the inscription vanishes as abruptly as it had appeared.

Mines & Sawmill & Alchemist Lab

Ore Mine and Sawmill provide you with two units per day. Gold Mine provide you with 1000 gold per day. Others Mines provide you with one unit per day.

Abandoned Mine

You come upon an abandoned gold mine. The mine appears to be haunted. Do you wish to enter?
After won battle: You beat the Ghosts and are able to restore the mine production.


The lighthouse is now under your control, and all of your ships will now move further each turn.


A boat your hero may use.


The rotting hulk of a great pirate ship creaks eerily as it is pushed against the rocks. Do you wish to search the shipwreck?
After the won battle: Upon defeating the Ghosts you sift through the debris and find something!

Derelict Ship

The rotting hulk of a great pirate ship creaks eerily as it is pushed against the rocks. Do you wish to search the ship?
After won 200 skeletons: Upon defeating the Skeletons you sift through the debris and find something! +5000 gold.

Shipwreck Survivor

You've pulled a shipwreck survivor from certain death in an unforgiving ocean. Grateful, he rewards you for your act of kindness by giving you the Stealth Shield or Protection.
You can get various artefacts from survivors.


You search through the flotsam, and find some wood /and some gold. /but find nothing.


Your men spot a navigational buoy, confirming that you are on course and increasing their morale.


As a Sign in the Ocean, the text varies from map to map.

Magellan's map

A retired captain living on this refurbished fishing platform offers to sell you maps of the sea he made in his younger days for 1,000 gold. Do you wish to buy the maps?


The magical, soothing beauty of the Mermaids reaches you and your crew. Just for a moment you forget your worries and bask in the beauty of the moment. The mermaids charms bless you with increased luck for your next combat.
The mermaids silently entice you to return later and be blessed again.


An eerie wailing song emanates from the sirens perched upon crew fall under its spell, and dive into the water where they drown. You are now wiser for the visit, and gain 500 experience.
Later: You have your crew stop up their ears with wax before the sirens' eerie song has any chance of luring them to a watery grave.


Teleports your ship to another whirlpool. Weakest creatures may fall from the ship.


A group of *Creature* with a desire for greater glory with to join you. Do you accept?

Tree City

Tree City

Troll Bridge

Trolls living under the bridge challenge you. Will you fight them?
After won battle: A few Trolls remain, cowering under the bridge. They approach you and offer to join your forces as mercenaries. Do you want to buy any Trolls?

Neutral creature's places

You've found some *Creatures* living in the *Place*. They are willing to join your army for a price. Do you want to recruit *Creatures*?

Summoning Altars

Water Summoning Altar: Crystalline structures cast shadows over a small reflective pool of water. You peer into the pool, and a face that is not your own peers back. It asks: "Would you like to call upon the powers of water?"
Air Summoning Altar: White stone pillars support a roof that rises up to the sky. As you enter the structure, the dead air of the outside gives way to a whirling gust that almost pushes you back out. The air current materializes into a barely visible form. The creature asks, in what can only be described as a loud whisper: "Why have you come? Are you here to call upon the forces of the air ?"
Fire Summoning Altar:Beneath a structure that serves to hold in heat, Fire Elementals move about in a fiery pool of molten lava. A group of them approach you and offer their services. Would you like to recruit Fire Elementals?
Earth Summoning Altar: As you approach the bubbling pit of mud, creatures begin to climb out and position themselves around it. In unison they say: "Mother Earth would like to offer you a few of her troops. Do you want to recruit Eearth Elementals?"


The butler admits you to see the master of the house. He trains you in the four skills a hero should know.
Already visited: Recognizing you, the butler refuses to admit you. "The master," he says, "will not see the same student twice."
Unfamous hero: The butler opens the door and looks you up and down. "You are neither famous nor diplomatic enough to be admitted to see my master," he sniffs. "Come back when you think yourself worthy."

Towns & Castles

There is 6 Towns and 6 Castles (one by faction) in Heroes of Might and Magic II: The Succession Wars. Price of Loyalty don't add any faction. Ironfist project and H3SW add new factions.


A message may appair when your Hero is hiking Lands of Enroth, it's an event. You also can recieve resources or artifacts when an event occurs.
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