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Price of Loyalty

Heroes of Might and Magic II: Price of Loyalty add on :

  • 4 campaigns, shorter than thoses of Roland & Archibald.
  • 17 Artifacts
  • 15 Landmarks
  • 1 building in the Necromant's Castle:

    2000  10  10  
    Necromancy +10%

Price of Loyalty: Artifacts

Spell Scroll

You find an elaborate container which houses an old vellum scroll. The runes on the container are very old, and the artistry with which it was put together is stunning. As you pull the scroll out, you feel imbued with magical power.


This Spell Scroll gives your hero the ability to cast the "Fireball" spell.
Arm of the Martyr

One of the less intelligent members of your party picks up an arm off of the ground. Despite its missing body, it is still moving. Your troops find the dismembered arm repulsive, but you cannot bring yourself to drop it: it seems to hold some sort of magical power that influences your decision making.

Artifact level 1¹

The Arm of the Martyr increases your spell power by 3 but adds the undead morale penalty.
Breastplate of Anduran

You come upon a sign. It reads: "Here lies the body of Anduran. Bow and swear fealty, and you shall be rewarded." You decide to do as it says. As you stand up, you feel a coldness against your skin. Looking down, you find that you are suddenly wearing a gleaming ornate breastplate.

Artifact level 3¹²

The Breastplate increase your defense by 5.
Broach of Shielding

A kindly Sorceress thinks that your army's defenses could use a magical boost. She offers to enchant the Broach that you wear on your cloak, and you accept.

Artifact level 1¹

The Broach of Shielding provides 50% protection from Armageddon and Elemental Storm, but decreases spell power by 2.
Battle Garb

Out of pity for a poor peasant, you purchase a chest of old junk they are hawkinf for too much gold. Later, as you search through it, you find it contains the 3 pieces of the legendary battle garb of Anduran!

Artifact level 3¹²

The Battle Garb of Anduran combines the powers of the three Anduran artifacts. It provides maximum luck and morale for your troops and gives you the Town Portal spell.
Crystal Ball

You come upon a caravan of gypsies who are feasting and fortifying their bodies with mead. They call you forward and say "If you prove that you can dance the Rama-Buta, we will reward you." You don't know it, but try anyway. They laugh hysterically, but admire your bravery, giving you a Crystal Ball.

Artifact level 3

The Crystal Ball lets you get more specific information about monsters, enemy heroes, and castles nearby the hero who holds it.
Heart of Fire

You enter a recently burned glade and come upon a Fire Elemental sitting atop a rock. It looks up, its flaming face contorted in a look of severe pain. It then tosses a glowing objects at you. You put up your hands to block it, but it passes right through them and sears itself into your chest.


The Heart of Fire provides 50% protection from fire, but doubles the damage taken from cold.
Heart of Ice

Suddenly, a biting coldness engulfs your body. You seize up, falling from your horse. The pain subsides, but you still feel as if your chest is frozen. As you pick yourself up off of the ground, you hear hearty laughter. You turn around just in time to see a Frost Giant run off into the woods and disappear.


The Heart of Ice provides 50% protection from cold, but doubles the damage taken from fire.
Helmet of Anduran

You spy a gleaming object poking up out of the ground. You send a member of your party over to investigate. He comes back with a golden helmet in his hands. You realize that it must be the helmet of the legendary Anduran, the only man who was known to wear solid gold armor.

Artifact level 3¹²

The Helmet increases your spell power by 5.
Holy Hammer

You come upon a battle where a Paladin has been mortally wounded by a group of Zombies. He asks you to take his hammer and finish what he started. As you pick it up, it begins to hum, and then everything becomes a blur. The Zombies lie dead, the hammer dripping with blood. You strap it to your belt.

Artifact level 3

The Holy Hammer increases your attack skill by 5.
Legendary Scepter

Upon cresting a small hill, you come upon a ridiculous looking sight. A sprite is attempting to carry a Scepter that is almost as big as it is. Trying not to laugh, you ask, "Need help?" The Sprite glares at you and answers; "You think this is funny? Fine. You can carry it. I much prefer flying anyway.".

Artifact level 3

The Legendary Scepter adds 2 points to all attributes.

An old seaman tells you a tale of an enchanted masthead that he used in his youth to rally his crew during times of trouble. He then hands you a faded map that shows where he hid it. After much exploring, you find it stashed underneath a nearby dock.

Artifact level 2

The Masthead boosts your luck and morale by 1 each in sea combat.
Sphere of Negation

You stop to help a Peasant catch a runaway mare. To show his gratitude, he hands you a tiny sphere. As soon as you grasp it, you feel the magical energy drain from your limbs...

Artifact level 3¹

The Sphere of Negation disables all spell casting for both sides, in combat.
Staff of Wizardry

While out scaring up game, your troops find a mysterious staff levitating about three feet off of the ground. They hand it to you, and you notice an inscription. It reads: "Brains best brawn and magic beats might. Heed my words, and you'll win every fight."

Artifact level 3

The Staff of Wizardry boosts your spell power by 5.
Sword Breaker

A former Captain of the Guard admires your quest and gives you the enchanted Sword Breaker that he relied on during his tour of duty.

Artifact level 3

The Sword Breaker increases your defense by 4 and attack by 1.
Sword of Anduran

A Troll stops you and says: "Pay me 5,000 gold, or the Sword of Anduran will slay you where you stand." You refuse. The troll grabs the sword hanging from its belt, screams in pain, and runs away. Picking up the fabled sword, you give thanks that half-witted Trolls tend to grab the wrong end of sharp objects.

Artifact level 3¹²

The Sword increases your attack skill by 5.
Spade of Necromancy

A dirty shovel has been thrust into a dirt mound nearby. Upon investigation, you discover it to be the enchanted shovel of the Gravediggers, long thought lost by mortals.

Artifact level 2

The Spade gives you increased necromancy skill.


You enter the arena and face a pack of vicious lions. You handily defeat them, to the wild cheers of the crowd. Impressed by your skill, the aged trainer of gladiators agrees to train you in a skill of your choice.
Attack, Defense or Pell Power +1, once by Hero.
Si vous avez déjà visité une Arène : The Arena guards turn you away.

Barrières & Traveller's Tent

Barrier:A magical *color* barrier stands tall before you, blocking your way. Runes on the arch read, "Speak the key and you may pass." and then:As you speak the magic word, the glowing barrier dissolves into nothingness. or You speak, and nothing happens.
Tent: You enter the tent and see an old woman gazing into a magic gem. She looks up and says, "In my travels, I have learned much in the way of arcane magic. A great oracle taught me his skill. I have the answer you seek. The green keyword is 'Meteor'."


As you approach the stables, the head groom appears, leading a fine looking war horse. "This steed will help speed you in your travels. Alas, his endurance will wane with a lot of heavy riding, and you must return for a fresh mount in a week. We also have many fine war horses which could benefit mounted soldiers, but you have none we can help."
Will then upgrade your cavalries.


In a dazzling display of daring, you break into the local jail and free the hero imprisoned there, who, in return, pledges loyalty to your cause.

Hut of the Magi & Eye of the magi

Hut of the Magi: You enter a rickety hut and talk to the magician who lives there. He tells you of places near and far which may aid you in your journeys.
Eye of the Magi: This eye seems to be intently studying its surroundings.

Alchemist's Tower

You hear a voice from high above in the tower, "Go away! I can't help you!"
Hexed items can be destroyed for a price.


The magical, soothing beauty of the Mermaids reaches you and your crew. Just for a moment you forget your worries and bask in the beauty of the moment. The mermaids charms bless you with increased luck for your next combat.
The mermaids silently entice you to return later and be blessed again.


An eerie wailing song emanates from the sirens perched upon crew fall under its spell, and dive into the water where they drown. You are now wiser for the visit, and gain 500 experience.
Later: You have your crew stop up their ears with wax before the sirens' eerie song has any chance of luring them to a watery grave.

Summoning Altars

Water Summoning Altar: Crystalline structures cast shadows over a small reflective pool of water. You peer into the pool, and a face that is not your own peers back. It asks: "Would you like to call upon the powers of water?"
Air Summoning Altar: White stone pillars support a roof that rises up to the sky. As you enter the structure, the dead air of the outside gives way to a whirling gust that almost pushes you back out. The air current materializes into a barely visible form. The creature asks, in what can only be described as a loud whisper: "Why have you come? Are you here to call upon the forces of the air ?"
Fire Summoning Altar:Beneath a structure that serves to hold in heat, Fire Elementals move about in a fiery pool of molten lava. A group of them approach you and offer their services. Would you like to recruit Fire Elementals?
Earth Summoning Altar: As you approach the bubbling pit of mud, creatures begin to climb out and position themselves around it. In unison they say: "Mother Earth would like to offer you a few of her troops. Do you want to recruit Eearth Elementals?"

Neutral creature's places

You've found some *Creatures* living in the *Place*. They are willing to join your army for a price. Do you want to recruit *Creatures*?
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