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Presentation of Lands of Enroth

This website:
~ is originally in French, and supports others languages since summer 2015.
~ try to regroup all informations about Heroes II.
~ is written for an audience already knowing the game.
~ evolve when the webmaster has time (no need to hurry).
~ contains images of the game and some others made by the webmaster or by the community.

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Heroes II: Succession Wars
Heroes II: Price of Loyalty
Succession Wars & Price of Loyalty
Project Ironfist
Heroes III: Succession Wars

Presentation of the game

Heroes of Might and Magic II is the worthy successor of Heroes of Might and Magic I.
We can find back the 4 alignements, plus 2 new ones: Necromant and Wizard.
We also find back same artefacts and heroes, with some new stuff added.
Some Adventure map objets added, various modifications/reorganisations of Alignements.
Colors of each players are: blue green red yellow orange purple.
Heroes II is in 640*480 and is in a 256 colors palet.
Originally designed to work on DOS or with Win95 & DirectX3.
Heroes II: The Succession Wars release date: 1996, October 1st (USA)
Heroes II: The Price of Loyalty release date: 1997
Heroes II: Ironfist (fan-made addon) released in years 2010'

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