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2020s New H3SW maps: bestmaps !
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Internationnal maps
Monster Yotta Pack (H2) 999+ maps ~ All maps of this page and more! (2018/9/13) ~100 MB
Mirror download: drive.google.com
Forums of Enroth
maps_hp 270 maps ~ Heroes Portal (2011) ~18 MB
maps_homm.com 65 maps ~ Age of Heroes (homm.com) (2012) ~3 MB Read-me!
maps_tripod 5 maps ~ heroes2.tripod
maps_angelfire 2 maps ~ angelfire

Packs of french maps
maps AC lycos 121 maps ~ www.lycos.fr/homm2/ ~9 MB Read-me!
maps_Dragons 33 maps ~ www.lycos.fr/Dragons/ Read-me!

Cartes officielles ~ V.Française
maps_officielles_fr Les cartes de la version Deluxe (Gold) installées automatiquement ~3 MB Read-me!
campagnes_SW Les campagnes de The Succession Wars tel qu'elles sont sur le CD.
campagnes_POL Les campagnes de The Price of Loyality tel qu'elles sont sur le CD.

Official maps ~ English ver.
If you still have your orignal Heroes II CD, please send us a zip with the maps!
campaign_english Campaign maps, Gold ver. ~2 MB

Official maps ~ России см.
Maps-ru Campaign+Scenarios maps, Platinium ver. ~5 MB

Official maps ~ 日本語 ver.
CDからのMAPSが欲しいです。 ほかのMAPSも欲しいです。 メール送って下さい!

Official maps ~ Español ver.
Tiene official cartas? email escribante por favor !
*.MX2	Scenario	PoL	The Price Of Loyality
*.HXC	Campaign	PoL	The Price Of Loyality
*.MP2	Scenario	SW	The Succession Wars
*.H2C	Campaign	SW	The Succession Wars
beta ver.