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Heroes III: Succession Wars

Heroes III: The Succession Wars

H3SW v0.8.1 Beta
Presentation of H3SW - v0.8.1
  1. Install SoD (Shadow of Death) or H3 Complete
  2. Download H3SW v0.8.1 installer.
  3. Unpack the modification to the game (Heroes 3: SoD or Heroes Complete) directory.
  4. Launch h3sw.exe for the game and h3swmaped.exe for the map editor.

  5. Heroes 3: The Succession Wars Mod is partially compatible with HD Mod. Users who prefer HD Mod can install it over H3SW v0.8.1 and enjoy many of its features. More informations here: Forums of Enroth: H3SW v0.8.1
by Orzie, on 2019/02/01

Heroes of Might and Magic III: The Succession Wars v0.8 Official Trailer

Official Screenshots beta 0.8


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